Registration No.: 360299

How to become US CPA Full Member:
    • Uniform US CPA Exam 4 papers only
    • Any Degree Holder Can Apply
    • Rigos provides Conversion Program & Top up Accounting Courses available for Non-Accounting
      Major Graduates. Eligible for Income Tax Deduction.
    • Rigos provides the Certificate of Experience (Mentoring) Services
    • Distance Learning Course for only HK $6000

Course Features

  • 4 Tailor Made Textbooks and CD ROM Provided
  • Various skeletons/acronyms
  • Work over 2000 past exam questions
  • Computer Drills
  • Magic Memory Outlines
  • Past Exam papers
  • Other CPA Exam Review Books Available for reference
  • "How to Master Simulations" (Book + CD)
  • Academic Assistance provided by email
  • Transcript Evaluation, Exam Application, Hotel and Air Ticket information provided.
  • AICPA Membership application assistance
  • Certificate of Completion provided
  • All course fees are accepted by the Inland Revenue Department to be deductible
  • It can transfer to US CPA Review Live Class and only have to pay the tuition difference only.

US CPA Review Course, (Reg.No 360299)
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

Program Schedule For 2019

(Cycle 53) (2019 March )

Lunch Time :1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Date Subject Professor
2019 Jan 05 (2:00-5:00pm) Introductory Stephen Yam
 2019 March 02 (Saturday) (9am-6:00pm)  Auditing Benjamin Yan
2019 March 09 (Saturday) (9am-6:00pm)  Auditing Benjamin Yan
2019 April 06 (Saturday) (9am-6:30pm) Regulation (US TAX) Jessica Lee
2019 April 07 (Sunday) (9am-6:30pm) Regulation (US TAX) Jessica Lee
2019 April 27 (Saturday) (9am-6:30pm) Regulation (US LAW) Jessica Lee
2019 April 28 (Sunday) (9am-6:30pm) Regulation (US LAW) Jessica Lee
2019 August 10 (Saturday) (9am-5:30pm) Financial Accounting  Jessica Lee
2019 August 11 (Sunday) (9am-5:30pm) Financial Accounting  Jessica Lee
 2019 August 24 (Saturday) (9am-5:30pm) Financial Accounting  Jessica Lee
2019 August 25 (Sunday) (9am-5:30pm)  Financial Accounting  Jessica Lee
 N.B.: The above schedule is subject to change